Managed IT Support

Get managed IT support on demand for less than you might think

In business the very last thing you want is an IT glitch slowing you down and costing you money. Nevertheless, this does happen from time-to-time. One solution is to recruit your own IT support team, albeit at major expense… The alternative is to acquire all the same skills and knowledge from a reliable third party that is on hand to help at a moment’s notice. At Rubix our computer trouble-shooters are here to save you time and money with on demand IT support at the right price. Just call us now to find out more.

Why use Rubix for IT support?

With so many IT systems and software solutions now cloud based, it pays to source your IT support from people with proven internet expertise. We’ve grown our IT support operations over many years having started by providing services for schools. Today we manage major networks that in some cases integrate over 100 users.

Here are some more key benefits of using our IT support service:

Our pricing model

Our pricing model is totally transparent with no nasty surprises. For a standard fee you can count on us for all the help and support you need right around the clock.

Experience and expertise

All our IT support technicians are highly trained with years of experience behind them. As a result, you can rely on them to resolve problems swiftly and completely.

Problem prevention

As well as solving problems as they arise, our IT support team can actively work to prevent problems arising in the future by monitoring your system and performing security updates.

Help and advice

With IT support from us you have a reliable advocate to guide you through the ever-changing and often complex IT landscape. This means you can stay up-to-date and avoid unnecessary spending.

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